Pictures Mania HD2 Promotion Campaign

Pictures Mania HD2 Promotion Campaign

Pictures Mania HD2 Promotion Campaign

Pictures Mania HD2 Promotion Campaign

Pictures Mania HD2 has got more than 1000 five-stars rating on AppStore China! since the games initial release at Dec. 2011. Both in-game-products discount and time-limited-free is coming at Mar.9 2012 with FAAD.

Pictures Mania has superb art design, polished levels and challeging game mode, and it’s especially good for play with your friends and family together.

Main Game Features:
★ 100 polished levels inclued!
★ Three interesting game mode: Arcade, Challenge and Versus
★ Brand new game play in Challenge Mode
★ Compete with your friends/family in Versus Mode
★ We are continuously release more polished levels
★ Game ranking for global players competing!
★ Upload your photo and share achievement by SNS


Reviews on AppStore

“The best one since zombi vs plants” by Flameliu

“I’m always looking for games that will keep me thinking, and this one definitely does just that!! Beautiful graphics, too.” by SuperCarCrasher

“Hours of fun. I remember a version of this game sitting on my favorite bar.” by Me 420 420 420 420

“Addicting! Can’t stop playing this game!” by DAWYF

“Really enjoy this game. Many different challenges like they flip the picture and stuff it’s my fav!” by All hd pics

“Pictures and the changes are so delicate and beautiful! A good app for spare time.” by Rachel

“Love this game! Just finished level 1. Great graphics and offers a challenge. Would recommend.” by jellofix

“Certainly one of the best free game on earth! Hihi.. ” by Mihonkenji

“Fun and exciting game play. Very cute UI with clear and pleasant pictures. Even the music is well prepared.
If you are into the “looking for differences” games, don’t miss this one!” by MACD10

“It’s free and better than other non-free “look for for difference” games. Lovely pictures and levels!” by Alex Gao

Nice app, very engaging. Slightly more variation would be great, but this app is very good as it is.” by MyBassIsTight

“This is the best free find the differences games on the mac app store!” by Noel Parker

“It’s a cool game but once I used all the 5 hints I havent been able to get any more, even when I start a new game.” by Dana.doo.

“There are so many different pictures…It’s easy to lose time playing this game.” by Xany_maz

…and more…

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